Success Stories

Mrs. Frances Neloms

Mrs. Frances Neloms suffered
from a stroke 15 months ago. It affected her right arm and her
right leg. Her arm was bent
across her chest and her fist
was clinched.

Mr. Carlo encouraged her to straighten out her arm and hold
the arm of the chair while gliding back and forth. Within about 30 minutes, she was holding her arm
in a straight position. She used
the bar to glide herself while gripping the bar with her
affected arm.

She must wear a brace on her
right foot to keep her ankle from dropping. Her husband removed
the brace and she worked to use her foot to push the chair.

After spending some time in the chair Mrs. Neloms said, “I believe that working with the chair I will
be able to move my hand again.
I don’t just think the chair will
bless a lot of people, I know it

Mrs. Ann Moulton

When Mrs. Ann Moulton tried the chair for the first time, she immediately noticed a difference. Because the easy-glide motion of the chair increases circulation, she could move her arthritic arm with ease. (Mrs. Moulton's comments can be found on the Testimonials page of this web site.)


Mrs. Carolyn Hughes

Mrs. Carolyn Hughes suffers from several health problems including rheumatoid arthritis. She states, "The use of the chair has helped my wrist, elbows, and my shoulders. I had large knots on my hands. I couldn't reach up, raise my arms or even fix my hair. There were times that I couldn't walk because of my ankles and knees.

After using the chair I could walk, and walk without a limp. This is something that I was not able to do." (Mrs. Hughes complete story can be found on the Testimonials page of this web site.)


Dr. Joe Baum

Dr. Baum is a fit 78 year old retiree. He is active, but arthritis makes normal exercise methods painful. Dr. Baum's positive response to the chair can be found on the Testimonials page of this web site.


To Whom It May Concern:

I am 75 years old. Two years ago, the doctor told me that I had a spot on my lung and gave me 2 months to live. The Lord took care of me, and I'm still here. Now, I spend about 12 hours in my recliner every day.

I'm on oxygen, and my body stays sore all the time. The chair has a nice gentle gliding motion. I sit in it every time I go to the doctor's office. I love the way the chair makes me feel.

Mr. Ring Quitman, GA


Mrs. Janice Griffin

This is Mrs. Janice Griffin's first time using the Exodus I. She is a double amputee due to diabetes. She expressed her delight in being able to exercise her arms and exclaimed, "It made me feel good."



To Whom It May Concern:

I am a retired Professor of Pathology and am fully familiar with the benefits of exercise of the cardiovascular system. I am also 79 years old and fully aware of the limitations which arthritis and impaired balance place on my ability to exercise. Imagine how happy I was to find out about this chair--a chair which enables me to exercise as much or as little as I want, in comfort and safety, without having to leave my home. In this chair, I can work my arms, legs, back and trunk, all without causing any pain, and without any danger of falling. The exercise is gentle and as thorough as I want it to be, which means that on days when I have plenty of energy, I can exercise as hard as I wish to, and on days when I'm feeling tired, I can exercise lightly--and in both cases, my cardiovascular system gets a workout, and my muscles limber up and strengthen. This is a wonderful invention for those of us who have difficulty getting around as much as we'd like to, and who need a form of exercise that we can control right in our own homes.

Joseph Baum, Ph.D.


Interview with Ann Moulton

I had broken my one leg four times and it is very hard to use it. The ease of this chair and ability to move my leg and exercise normally has made all the difference in the world and To be able to get my chest and my arms to be stronger with ease without struggling. I think it is going to help my breath a lot too because I have been having trouble with breathing when I use my walker. It is very easy to use and very comfortable. There is no effort; this is the big thing. You didn't have to strain. I think the chair is great! It is so easy to operate. You just move a little bit and it start doing what it should do and therefore encourages you to get in it.

Question: How do you feel about Range of Motion?
Answer: Arthritis has caught my left arm quite a bit lately. It has been quite stiff and think if I had a chair like this to use it would get the muscles going again.

Question: Could you tell a difference when you used the chair with your arthritic arm?
Answer: Oh yes. Because my arm is easier to use. I can do more than I could do otherwise.

Question: Were you in pain using the chair?
Answer: Not at all. Not at all. To tell you the truth, both legs were bothering me before I got here.

Question: So your legs quit hurting after you got in the chair?
Answer: Oh, yeah, they feel real good right now. Right around my knee is where all the breaks are and stuff and when I touch it, it would hurt. I can touch it right now and it hurts, but sometimes the whole leg is just so sore.

Question: But before you got here, you were concerned about getting in the chair?
Answer: Yeah, I really was because I had the pain in my leg, what I call the spasm pains, and you never know when they're coming and they're so much fun, because they're just there and you [cry of pain]. You get a spasm in your leg and you want to go right through the ceiling, but we pretty much got that under control now, but there's just certain days with the arthritis kicking in, and everything else that the legs just plain hurt. The chair gave me incentive to want to try harder.

Question: After you sat in the Exodus I Range of Motion stationary chair and the Exodus II Range of Motion wheelchair, how do your legs feel now?
Answer: Well, they feel better.

Question: So something on a daily basis, if you had the chair, would you be in the chair?
Answer: Oh, yeah. I would be sure. And I would exercise so long, and I would go do something else and come back to it, which would be nice. I think they both are really serviceable and for the needs, I think it's really a wonderful idea.

Ann Moulton
Quitman, GA


Interview with Carolyn Hughes

Hello, everyone, I'm Benny Daniels. We work with the mentally and physically handicapped. We're here today to document this special experience of the Exodus I Range of Motion chair that Ms. Carol Hughes is sitting in. We're going to get her testimony. Over to my right, is Fred Carlo with Genesis Chairs, Inc. We're going to get some testimony from Carol Hughes who lives in Naylor, Georgia. She has an arthritic condition and she has been restored by using this special exercise chair that she's sitting in.

Tell us how you first got introduced to the chair.

I was out picking apples off my tree in my back yard, and I knew that Fred was coming because my husband had told me, but he had gone down to my Grandmother's. But they drove up with the chair, and so while Jim was down there, they unloaded it and put it out in the back yard and asked me to get in it and try it and I couldn't hardly walk then; they hadn't seen how swollen I was and how crippled I was, and you need to get in that chair and start gliding. He told me to hold my legs out and they asked my how my legs felt. I feel hot blood flowing in my legs and they felt warm and I had sores on my legs then, and they were bad, bad. Gardening made it real bad. So then after he left me the chair, and I had it for about seven to ten days. I used the chair religiously. I got in it and I'd glide it in the mornings when I'd get up and then at night till I would go to bed. I would glide off and on all during the day at different times And before I knew it I could walk on my foot and it wouldn't hurt. It was hurting a tiny bit, but not like it did. And then it would go to popping and cracking. It adjusted my ankle and it adjusted my foot. And then I could walk on my sore leg also because it made the blood circulate in my legs and didn't cause it to hurt. But I stayed cold. My feet and legs stayed cold all the time. My hands and the joints in my fingers were swollen real big and from gliding in the chair, and from using the arms of the chair, it exercised my wrist joints and my fingers. And it did something to my arms, my elbows, my back, my shoulders, also my neck. I could get up with headaches in the morning, and get in the chair for about fifteen minutes I would forget I even had a headache, it was gone. It helped my chest and my breathing. I have problems about breathing some mornings, and it helps my breathing problem. I can go to bed at night and sleep without
taking medicine to make me sleep.

I had to wear steel wrist supports.  I lived with those things. I slept in them. I could not use the bathroom without my supports on. I couldn't use my hands to get my clothes up and down. I could not dress myself without my supports on. Now I don't even use them. I set out flowers; I dig holes with my shovel, and I work in my yard. I rake. I do things. I sweep floors, I vacuum. I do things I couldn't do. I couldn't hold out doing it.

Question: So you have one of these in your home?
Answer: Right, I live in it. I just about live in. I sat in it last night until about 12:30 or 1 o'clock because I had to doctor my leg. I sat up and watched a movie and gliding in my chair. It will put you to sleep. All you have to do it just get started and hold your legs out and you can just feel the blood circulating in your legs hot. I'm supposed to stay off my legs 90% of the time and elevate them.

Question: Tell us how much your hands have gone down. They look normal to me.
Answer: I cannot keep my rings on. I could not get my rings off. My husband gave me. Now my rings falls off my fingers. My wedding band--falls off my finger. I lost this one in the freezer the other day. Fell off my finger in the freezer.  It feels good.

Question: When you first go the chair could you pull anything with your hand?
Answer: I couldn't lift my pots. I couldn't pick up my coke and pour it without both hands. I couldn't open my coke without my pliers. I can open my Coke now with my hands and without my pliers.

Question: How about pain? When you glide in this special Exodus I Range of Motion chair, then you get rid of the pain?
Answer: It's like I took a pain killer or a shot to ease me, all of a sudden it's just gone, and you don't know when it leaves you. I lived in these things (steel wrist supports) here since '85, didn't I Daddy.

Question: How long has the swelling been reduced in your legs?
Answer: Within the first eight days the swelling went down in my legs.

Carolyn Hughes
Naylor, GA


Rachel AbeeRachel's Story

When Rachel first sat in what I call the "miracle" chair in 1992, she was only six years old. By God's grace, she celebrated her twentieth birthday on May 25, 2006. Rachel's doctor thought that she would not see her first birthday.

Rachel was diagnosed with profound mental retardation, cortical blindness, epilepsy, and cerebral palsy. She has soft, easily-broken bones because she is not able to move and strengthen them. Rachel had barely learned to hold a sippy cup and a spoon, when her seizure activity increased so much at the age of two that she lost those abilities. The only word that Rachel ever spoke was "Da-Da" (one time), and she laughed out loud twice when she was really young. She cannot clutch objects when they are placed in her hands, she cannot raise her arms; and she cannot stand on her feet and legs.

People probably look at Rachel as she sits slumped over and feel pity for her. We have certainly gotten enough stares over the years. Adults have actually snatched their children away from her, as if being disabled was catching. Rachel's sister, Colleen, and I look at Rachel and see how "God-blessed" she is. She is a happy, loving, sweet, gentle spirit and has the most beautiful smile. Rachel's name means "innocence," and she will be an innocent all of her life. She does not judge, criticize or have mean thoughts. She loves everyone who comes into her life unconditionally.

In 1992 Brother Benny Daniel introduced our family to Brother Fred Carlo who wanted to see if the Genesis exercise chair might benefit Rachel because she could not use her arms and legs. Rachel was so floppy that she had to have the posture seat from her wheelchair placed in the Genesis chair. We talked as Rachel glided back and forth. When Fred and Benny left, we stood on the front porch talking. Fred looked in the window where Rachel was sitting in the chair. Both of Rachel's arms were raised over her head in a praise position—an impossible feat—, and her face was lifted toward heaven. It is something that I have never seen her do. She had a smile on her face that was unforgettable.

Rachel cannot exercise because of her disabilities. Her caregivers do range of motion exercises for her to keep her limber. This chair that God brought to Fred over sixteen years ago will be a blessing to Rachel. I look forward to placing her in the Exodus I stationary chair on a regular basis. Recently a stranger prayed for a miracle to come into Rachel's life. Not long after that, Fred Carlo called me. We have not spoken in fourteen years. He said that his company is finally ready to begin production on the Exodus chairs. I am anxious to see how God's blessing will manifest itself for Rachel through the use of the Exodus I chair.

I used the Genesis chair (the prototype) when it was in our home. No matter how much stress was in my life, I could sit in the chair and find peace from the gentle movement. It also benefited me physically although I didn't have any major disabilities, just a touch of arthritis.

This is a God-driven venture for Fred, and I know the chairs will be a blessing in the lives of many people.


Martha Abee
(Rachel's mom)


Latasha Barnes
Latasha Barnes
Latasha Barnes
Latasha Barnes was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis three years ago. She walks with a walker and has weakness in her legs. She was told by her neurologist to exercise her thigh and lower leg muscles. It was suggested that she try a stationary bicycle but it wasn’t comfortable for her. She said,” That didn’t work for me, but this chair is much more comfortable, and now I can exercise those muscles.”

When Latasha was asked if she could do anything that she couldn’t do before spending only a short time in the chair, she said, “I was not able to hold my legs up for this amount of time. I know that if I’m able to do this in this short amount of time, just think what I could do if I exercised in it regularly.” When asked to describe the chair, she said one word, “breakthrough”. Latasha has three beautiful little girls, ages two, four, and six and with the chair, she looks forward to walking again without the use of a walker.
Latasha Barnes Tears of Joy

Latasha has tears of joy after realizing what the Exodus I chair has done for her in a very short time.

Dear Mr. Carlo,

The Genesis glider chair that I purchased a few months back has performed wonderfully! I have an Autistic daughter that is 19 years old and we have bought many rockers in her lifetime, all of which have broken in short order. Autism is a language disability and one of the side characteristics is extreme rocking. As she has gotten older and heavier the rocking is certainly more extreme than a normal person rocking, both in terms of actual stress on a chair and time spent in a rocking chair. The Genesis chair has held up and just by looking at the construction of it, the durability shines through. I really appreciate having a chair that i know will hold up against the toughest test!

It is attractive and the lifetime guarantee means a lot to a family that truly has been through so many rockers. Although she is not at risk for falling or tipping over as some people with disabilities would be, she has rocked back to the edge on others, this glider of yours is extremely stable and safe and of course so heavy it can't tip over.

Everyone in our household who has come in and tried the chair mentions its easy gliding action. All in all we really do think the chair is worth the money, will hold up and is safe. Just wanted you to know.

Thanks again for a great engineered product.


Barbara A. Rentenbach
Knoxville, TN

Dear Fred,

This letter is to inform you of the benefit I received from using your chair for 7 or 8 days. I have numerous problems with my health with the main one being rheumatoid arthritis. It would take me 2 to 3 hours to get to where I could move in the mornings, but with using your chair I could sit and exercise for 15 to 20 minutes and the movement would increase my circulation and I could move more freely. The first time I sat in the chair I could feel the warmth returning to my legs. It seemed as if warm blood was flowing in them.

The use of the chair has helped my wrist, elbows, and my shoulders. I had large knots on my hands. I couldn't reach up, raise my arms or even fix my hair. There were times that I couldn't walk because of my ankles and knees. After using the chair I could walk, and walk without a limp. This is something that I was not able to do. Using this chair reduced the swelling in my ankles and wrists. Even my doctor in Gainesville noticed that I was not limping any more. The nurse noticed also. He even commented and laughed that I had grip in my fingers. Before, I couldn't even make coffee in the mornings. My husband would have to make coffee and pour my coffee because I couldn't pick up the coffee pot.

I have an equilibrium problem, earaches, and my ears would bleed. But in using the chair it has helped these problems also. I told my doctor in Gainesville that this chair had been a miracle to me. He has even taken me off some of the medication that I was on.

I have dermatitis in both of my ankles. It causes ulcers and they won't heal until the sore reaches the bone. But in using this chair, the bleeding has started, that means that it is healing; it has to bleed to heal. That is what my doctor in Thomasville told us. So the chair started the circulation and the circulation started the bleeding and so therefore the ulcers will heal. It's all because of the chair. The pain is very bad when you don't have circulation. I have just faired a lot better . I have been able to do things that I haven't been able to do. I can go with my husband and do things. I wasn't able to get in and out of the truck before. I can go out in the yard and even plant flowers. I have even lost 4 pounds using the chair and I haven't been on a diet!

The chair has really helped me. I don't take the pain medication that I did, and I don't need it. I haven't ever found anything to help like this chair has. I can exercise and not have any stress on my joints so therefore there is no pain involved. It has really made a difference.

The chair, I know, has been inspired by God and it is a miracle.

Thank you,

Carolyn Hughes
Valdosta, GA

Dear Mr. Carlo,

The people in the Day Program are still enjoying the glider chair. Some of them will get up and go over without anyone suggesting they use the chair.

It is certainly a valuable piece of exercise equipment. I feel many people other than our developmentally disabled people can benefit from the use of the chair.

We want to thank you again for the opportunity for our people to have access to the chair.


Mrs. Evelyn Hiers
Center Director
Lowndes Service Center
1644 E. Park Ave.
Valdosta, GA 31602

Dear Fred,

I want everyone to know this specially built exercise chair for severely disabled people really works and has a 100 percent good track record for helping severely disabled adults or children perform a passive or subtle form of exercise. This specially built exercise chair has been documented by registered physical therapist throughout the area.

Our work in the south Georgia, north Florida, Valdosta area puts us in touch with many who are physically disabled. A well known international civic club, the Civitan Club, of which I am former president, just recently purchased two of these special exercise chairs to be used by the severely disabled.

Benny Daniels,
Author of Cross Power
Former President of Valdosta Civitan's Club

To Whom It May Concern:

I am an old soldier and an old builder, I served over nine years in the Military and my qualifications were Craftsman, since 1963 I have been a builder, homes, churches, commercial structures, cabinetry, Church furniture, and most recently retired (forced) as result of a accident in which I suffered back injuries resulting in surgery of #3 and #4 vertebras after which I was prescribed to a regiment of physical therapy. Recently I have had two stints installed on the left and right side of my heart, 6 month between the first and second, I had therapy after the first and am now involved in therapy for the second Stint.

I related the prior information to let you know that I am thoroughly familiar with physical therapy equipment, Every device that I use has to be first programmed to a certain resistance that is to say that it has to resist the pressure which I put on it, thereby making it necessary for me to exert a certain amount of force to operate the machine, except the treadmill, and it requires both feet and legs and both arms and hands respectively depending on which piece of equipment I am using to exercise that particular portion of my body.

I became acquainted with the Chair that Mr. and Mrs. Carlo designed recently, and I am so excited about the concept that after a short time sitting in the chair I am so aware of the obvious benefit I could receive from this piece of equipment if I could for instance use only one hand or one foot and nothing else. I could rest those effected limbs on the appropriate locations and with the good limb move the chair, which moves almost effortlessly, and thereby move the limbs that are effected and with this movement accomplish the necessary cardiovascular flow in those areas, and thereby creating a total healthier cardiovascular system.

Since I have been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease recently, I have studied the importance of a healthy system. I mentioned that I was qualified in the Military as Craftsman and being associated for years in the building business, I can appreciate the intricate precision in which the effortless motion was built into this chair. I will without equivocation recommend this chair as a unit that will both accomplish a healthier body and a happy mind to anyone who needs it, and perhaps lead them later to graduate to a more rigorous physical therapy program.

Thank You

Charles Day
Adel, Georgia

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