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We all know that aerobic exercise is extremely important for the maintenance of good cardiovascular function. Unfortunately, many people are unable to exercise using the usual forms -- walking, jogging, sports, etc., due to injuries or illness or the effects of advancing age. Simple arthritis can be enough to sideline people, to say nothing of injuries, operations and diseases. Finally, we have a piece of equipment which anyone from a young child to a centenarian can use safely and enjoyably. The exercise is natural and obvious -- I have yet to see someone sit in this chair and NOT begin to glide, which is the essence of this type of exercise. It is fun and comfortable, so the person begins to use his or her arms and trunk more, and then adds the legs -- all the while exercising without even being aware of it! Their heart rates go up and their breathing deepens. Their limbs begin to warm up and their skin color picks up. If they keep at it for a few minutes, they begin to sweat a little. And THEY control the amount of exercise and the intensity of it. They don't hurt from the exercise, so they are willing to do as much of it as they are allowed. In fact, I have to tell some of them to stop when it's the next patient's turn!

Used regularly, this chair helps with cardiovascular fitness and general overall improvement in muscle strength, and also helps with balance, which is a major problem for many people as they get older. It also allows people who are debilitated from strokes or lengthy illnesses or operations to exercise safely, under their own control This chair is going to help many people go from being inactive to gradually regaining some of their mobility and strength to the point where they can function more normally, get around better and improve both their physical and psychological health. We all agree that exercise is good for us. Well, now we have a way to get that exercise, even if we've been unable to in the past!

 Susan Harding, M.D.

Dear Mr. Carlo,

I want to thank you for the demonstration of your most interesting chair. I think it would be of great benefit to anyone that was confined to a wheelchair; it would increase their mobility and allow them some exercise. Certainly, if I was immobilized in a wheelchair, I would want one of yours.

I will keep you in mind for any of my patients should they be so unfortunate as to need one.

Very truly yours,

Richard L. Bowen, M.D.



Dear Mr. Carlo,

I appreciate your willingness to bring your exercise chair to my office for a demonstration. As you know my secretary's husband suffers from Kugelberg-Welander's disease which is a form of muscular dystrophy.

Mr. Marshall is confined to a wheelchair with little movement in his upper extremities and no movement in his lower extremities. Although there is no cure for this disease, Mr. Marshall suffers terribly from insufficient movement and exercise. Sleeplessness, severe pain in the knees and legs, lack of circulation, back pain, and headaches to name a few. After using this chair just a short time, these symptoms were much improved. This chair enabled Mr. Marshall to restore movement to otherwise motionless legs.

I can only imagine the number of patients, suffering from many different afflictions, this chair would be of help to. So many cases that had no help before.

I am eagerly awaiting news of Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance reimbursements as most patients who would benefit from such a chair are unable to work and they live on a fixed limited income.


M. M. Gilliland, D.C., P. C.


Dear Mr. Carlo,

We have been utilizing your glider chair to promote a sense of relaxation in our pain patients with much success.

We have also been able to utilize the glider for sensory stimulation in individuals with inner ear damage or balance problems with success. Thank you for the opportunity to utilize your chair in our therapeutic interactions with patients over the past few months.


Pamela Whitworth, P.T.
Outpatient Physical Therapy

Brooks Hospital 

A new type of therapeutic apparatus has become available - The Exodus I & II Therapeutic Range of Motion Chair, produced by Genesis Chairs, Inc.

In an effort to determine the benefits of the Chair, one was placed in a Physical Therapy unit in a small hospital and a variety of patients had the opportunity to use the Chair. This study involves six patients, varying in age from mid-fifties to eighties, with maladies as disparate as stroke with hemiparesis complicated by an unstable shoulder, the aftermath of rotator cuff surgery, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, markedly reduced muscle strength after neck surgery, rhabdomyolysis recovery, and severe contractures with profound muscle spasm. These patients received physical therapy twice daily, five days per week, as tolerated. Most were in therapy for only a few weeks, a typical length of time. Due to time constraints, the study was run for only two months. The physical therapists who worked with these patients have a wealth of experience and have been physical therapists for years. Their observations regarding these patients form the backbone of this report. The "control population" is derived from their long experience with patients undergoing therapy for many different problems, and the progress of the "test population" is scrutinized from this standpoint. Nearly all of the use of the Chair was adjunctive rather than sole therapy.

Significantly, the physical therapists are pleased with the results they are seeing. They want to keep the chairs and continue working with them.

(Note: Due to length and detail involved with this study space will not permit the entire report to be posted online. For a copy of the complete study, please email us a request.)
Kerri Kelley
Physical Therapist
Director of Rehab / EnduraCare
Susan Harding, M.D.
Board Certified
Internal Medicine

Wednesday May 6, 2009

To Whom it May Concern:

Re: Lillian Mickel
DOB: 03/17/1937

I started caring for Mrs. Mickel in March 2007, when she first was walking slowly and rather stiff.

After she began the use of the Genesis Chair, it is remarkable at the improvement's she has made. Such as her ability to ambulate, and her range of motion on the neck and the inferior extremities.

She has been using the "Genesis Chair" as non resistant therapy. This is not just an exercise machine.  I have reviewed the brochure and heard this patients testimony. I have seen improvement in Mrs. Mickel over the past several months. I think it is only logical to recommend this chair as a part of the rehabilitation equipment used by patients such as Mrs. Mickel.

Thanks for your time and attention in this matter.

Roberto Rubio, M.D.  

Jane Davis, P.T.Jane R. Davis, P.T. FL PT 19822

The Exodus I (stationary glider) and Exodus II (glider/wheelchair) from Genesis Chairs, Inc. may offer significant benefit to people with the following conditions and/or residual effects of these injuries: Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder), Alzheimer's Disease, Amputation, Amyotonia, Arthritis, Autism, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Closed Head Injury, Edema, dependant Hemiplegia/hemiparesis, Motor Neuron Disease, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Osteoporosis, Paraparesis, Parkinson's Disease, Post Fracture, Quadriparesis, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, Restless Legs Syndrome, Spinal Dysfunction (back and neck pain), Stress Disorders, TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Dysfunction, Generalized Weakness, and others.

Benefits may be derived by the following mechanisms which can be activated while using the gliders: increased joint range of motion, increased muscle activity, reflexive recruitment of major muscle groups, stimulation of respiration, stimulation of vascular and lymphatic activity, improved venous return from the distal aspects of the extremities, increased metabolic rate, improved sense of well-being born of autonomy while propelling the glider, increase in movement amplitude, improved performance in ADLs (Activities of Daily Living), especially transfers between sitting and standing NOTE: As with any program, you must discuss the use of the glider chair/wheelchair with your physician prior to use.

Special features of the glider/wheelchair include;  cannot tip over, inverted gliding arc, not "institutional" in appearance; rather, it looks like a sturdy, handsome piece of patio furniture.  It has a limited lifetime warranty and is easy to clean.

Dear Mr. Carlo,

Thank you for taking the time to travel to Tallahassee and demonstrate the glide chair which you have developed for persons with disabilities. I was very impressed with the overall design and construction of this chair, and in the time that I had to experiment with it, found it to potentially become a very useful rehabilitative aid.

I believe that there are individuals with varying disabilities who could benefit greatly through the use of this chair. Certainly people with lower extremity impairment can experience facilitated movement, which may lead to increased range of motion in the ankle and knee joints. I also see this device offering assistance to those who have restricted total body movement. Just experiencing dynamic motion may encourage persons with severe hypokinetic disorders to become more involved in active movement.

I will be interested in learning of the continued progress of your work in the area of facilitative movement for persons with disabilities and hope that one day we will be in a position here at Florida State University to purchase a chair of our own to use with our disabled student population. In the meantime, good luck and keep me informed.


Robert A. Rider
Ph.D. Professor

Dear Mr. Carlo,

I am writing this letter in appreciation of an excellent product, your Exodus I glider chair. We recently purchased a single chair for my father, and eighty year old who has always been active. He had fallen several weeks ago and was having a difficult time in regaining his strength and independence in walking after an extended period of inactivity to allow healing of a sprained knee and pressure on the sciatic nerve from a wedged disc. After receiving the chair, Dad has progressed from using a walker, to a cane and is now independent in all activities including ambulation, driving a car and mowing the lawn!

As a registered Physical Therapist, I am aware of the excellent benefits which your chair allows in performing exercises, especially to the hips, knees, and ankles with little weight bearing stress applied to these joints. I am sure that my father has increased the strength, muscle tone and circulation in his lower extremities and he dies not have the pain and stiffness in the knees as severely from the degenerative arthritis he's experienced over the years.

As fellow Christians, we are happy you have dedicated your business to God and pray for your continued success and God's blessings.


Audrey Starr, R.P.T.


Dear Fred,

Thank you for suggesting that my grandmother use your glider in her exercise program. Many older patients could use this product for many reasons to enhance their health picture. One of the largest problems with older patients is getting them to move and increase activity levels of their legs and feet. Your chair allows the person to do this with minimum effort and ease as well as safety.

I would suggest this glider to nursing homes, hospice settings and recovery type facilities as a passive exerciser unit. The benefits to patients would be:

  1. Increase activity level
  2. Make exercise fun and enjoyable
  3. Strengthen muscles in head and neck from forward/backward motion .
  4. Encourages older patients to bend knees with flexion/extension motion.
  5. Makes group exercise easy and allows for conversation among participants.

I really am impressed with the quality of construction and the safety features you have built into your product. If you need to reference me for future placements of this fine instrument please call.

Sincerely yours,

Ben S. Morris, D.C.

Dear Mr. Carlo,

This letter is in support of the use of your glider/chair as a therapeutic instrument. Having tried the chair myself, I find it relaxing, soothing and capable of altering even the worst of negative moods and attitudes. It's benefit could be found in minimizing pain-related stressors as well as stimulating positive thoughts and feelings.

I would recommend it's use to persons of all ages.


K. Pat Bell, Ph.D.


Dear Mr. Carlo,

Thank you for demonstrating the versatility of your Genesis glider at the recent Summer Fun Expo.

The comfort and ease of movement was remarkable. The gliders could become an excellent method to improve mobility and activity in the elderly patient. The ease of getting from a seated to a standing posture would also prove beneficial to the older person.

I would recommend these chairs to any person who doesn't "get around" as often to benefit from this passive exercise unit. I was very impressed with the quality of construction and the safety features built into your product. I fully endorse this fine quality product.


Nels D. Nelsen, D.C.

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