We are re-inventing the wheelchair!

Our Range of Motion Therapeutic Exercise Station chairs have been in continuous development and testing for over 14 years with more than a half million dollars in development cost and have been awarded a patent (#7008016) by the United Stated Patent Office. These  revolutionary exercise therapy aids are designed to improve range of motion for anyone wishing to improve their mobility and quality of life, and have been shown specifically to improve the health and well-being of the physically challenged.

Take a few moments to read what actual users have said about our products; the testimonials we provide are from Physical Therapists, Medical Doctors, and exercise trainers. You will be astounded at the benefits these products provide and their ease of use. It takes very little effort to produce measurable results. Use of these products can increase metabolism, heart rate, and blood flow to the extremities. Our products have proven beneficial in the home as well as medical facilities by health care professionals.

We invite you to experience the joy of movement, well being, and stamina afforded by the use of the Genesis Chair products.

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